SoundOptix is ​​a project, which was launched in 2018 by Nico Jütte. It will primarily serve as a music label and secondarily as an information portal for music from the electronic underground.

Musical direction and visions

The musical field of SoundOptix is ​​kept relatively wide. Unlike other labels, the project has not set itself the target of establishing itself in a particular genre or sub genre and making a name for it. It is much more about presenting things that are as unusual as possible, preferably by artists who are still quite unknown, or even new. The only prerequisite is that everything that is released here is danceable and just brings with it a something special.

For our artists

We want to make it clear from the outset that SoundOptix is ​​not a commercial label. It's not our aim to achieve as many sales as possible or to reach a well-funded audience. This project was born out of a conviction that its founder and artists stand for. Anyone who wants to make big money with his music is definitely not in the right place with us. In addition, the target is to provide new artists with a stage and, if necessary, an introduction. That's why we only make tape-transfer agreements and not artist contracts. We are happy when our artists release on other labels. We try to give each artist space for his favorite activity, in first place the production of music. We take over the remaining part, such as the artwork for covers and social media, promo to other producers and DJs, promo in potcasts, professionalization of distribution channels (BeatPort, Spotify, Traxsource) and of course the release in relevant scene portals. If you want to go with us please send us your Demo!

For our DJs, fans and listeners

We also want to present new and exciting music from different areas of electronic music scene whenever it is possible. Furthermore, we would like to tell you regularly new from our artists and from the scene, so you always on the current state of things to keep you always up to date. We want to be a kind of guide to the musical underground. DJs and producers are welcome to contact us for exclusive releases in advance. Just write to

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Sound Optix is a German based and digital focused  music label for electronic music. It is based on the idea of ​​a creative collective, in which different DJs and music producers represent a relevant area of ​​the electronic music scene. In addition to known international artists we are working on supporting and promoting new artists and especially local artists. 
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