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Born only minutes away from NYC, donnerstag was the love child of two European immigrants.

Before his birth, donnerstag’s mother would put headphones on her pregnant belly and would play Mozart’s “Ein Klein Nacht Musik” and Maurice Revel’s, “Bolero” for months until his birth, hoping her passion for music would be transferred to her unborn son.

Donnerstag started piano lessons at the age of 5 and was introduced to public musical performance. He performed for thousands as a child in touring choirs with his musical mentor and world famous pianist, Roman Catholic Priest, Father Benjamin Dino from the Philippines.  

Growing up so close to NYC his musical tastes became extremely eclectic.  Having the influences of the Disco era, 1980s pop, the birth of Techno, NYC Super Clubs (ROXY, TWILO, Sound Factory, Webster Hall) all the way to Hip-Hop, Grunge and Alternative Rock.

In 1995, donnerstag started creating electronic music on a now defunct computer program called “mixmaster” that introduced him to beats, loops, effects, and from there a creative love affair began.

After a 15 year run in music management, (Amber, WKTU NYC, Dee Roberts, DJ Vito G) donnerstag decided to get behind the decks himself and he studied and practiced the art of djing for literally thousands of hours.

In 2015, donnerstag moved to the musically rich city of Philadelphia and within two years he has played every major venue and party in the city, hold numerous residencies, appeared at multiple festivals, entertained three continents, toured Europe 3 times, and he has just finished the 2017 summer season in Ibiza, Spain with a 3 week, 20 gig romp, leaving an impression on the island that will last for years to come.

In the next year donnerstag will continue to tour the United States, Europe, South America and has plans to infiltrate Africa and will return to his second home for residencies on the island of Ibiza in the summer of 2018.

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