Next Release - Lost in Space by Kassette1984

The next release in May. We are proud to announce that the next local artists has signed to Soundoptix with a new concept.

Due to our next local artist, SoundOptix launches a completely new musical concept. We bring the 80s back and combine it with modern elements. This concept was developed by our new artist Kassette1984. The new album "Lost in Space" is a collection of 4 tracks, all of which follow exactly this new concept.

Kassette1984 is an artist from the SoundOptix region and has already worked for several major labels under a different pseudonym. Among other things, he was also a contractor for many other artists, including the major label Sony Music Germany.

We now want to provide this renowned artist with the appropriate stage for the new concept, and in the future we will also look for other artists who would like to work on this concept. Kassette1984 will support and direct this area as A&R. The new concept includes works in genres like SynthWave and NuDisco. Mainly elements of the 80s are to be used and combined with modern and new ideas. It is important that most of the works are designed to be danceable if possible.


Lost in Space


01 | Walkman

02 | Orbit

03 | Cybertron

04 | Hyperdrive

Artists: Kassette1984

Mastering: Nico Jütte

ARTWORK: Design: Nico Jütte

© 2020 by

Sound Optix is a German based and digital focused  music label for electronic music. It is based on the idea of ​​a creative collective, in which different DJs and music producers represent a relevant area of ​​the electronic music scene. In addition to known international artists we are working on supporting and promoting new artists and especially local artists. 
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