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Aktualisiert: 24. Dez 2018

Sound Optix founderNico Jütteintoduces himself and tells about his journey to the music and the SoundOptix project.

In this post I want to tell something about myself. I am relatively new to the scene and initially struggled to survey the scene and your artists and labels. To save this from others I called SoundOptix into being. In the following something more to me as an artist.

Tell us about you. Where are you from ?

“ I'm born and live in Lübbecke in Germany ”

Music you like to listen to music that inspires you ?

“ I love to listen every kind of electronic music in mather of setting and situation. Some of my favourite artists are Junior Jack, Adriatique, Daso (R.I.P.), Kollektiv Turnstraße, Acid Pauli .. ”

When did you start to make music ?

“ I startet to make Music in 2008 when I've visited School. In this time I made my first experience with mixing music so later I was intrested to learn how to create music ”

Labels you have allready released on ?

“ My first release was from ANCL Lincor and later I released on Dog&Ma, Lincor Apex and Lamp Records ”

Artists you have allready worked with or you like to work with ?

“ I allready worked in collaboration with Following Light and Risingsun. Methodub from was involved in one of my collab projects. A project with Risingsun and Donnerstag will follow maybe next year.”

Can you describe your style of Music ?

“ I like always to try something new but most I use special melodies to my tracks and try to keep my tracks very minimalistic. I would say my music moves in areas like deep House and melodic areas.”

Why did you made SoundOptix ?

“ The main idea was to create a platform to give other artsists around me a platform to present their work. I want ohter people to get an idea about the underground scene I've entered in.”

Do you have plans for music projects or releases in the future?

“ Maybe next year some releases on the Lincor labels will follow in collaboration with some other artists from the Lincor Family. But most of the time I will spend on the SoundOptix Project.”

You can find Jütte's Tracks on Beatport and Spotify.

Nico Jütte's Bio

Nico Jütte was born in 1992 in Lübbecke, a small town in the west area of Germany. He started to experiment with music in his teenage. He discovered music for himself as a form of self-therapy. So over the following years he produced his own tracks. It should take 10 years for his first release. After ending his relationship in 2018 he retired in his home studio to process the divorcement. At this time his track „Lost Empire“ was created. Just a few hours after the track were uploaded on Soundcloud he got his first label deal. Lost Empire was signed to the British label ANCL Lincor Records and remixed by his discoverer Kirill Guk a.k.a. Following Light. Following Light's Remix was released together with the original song. That's how Nico began entering the Underground Music scene. Some more Projects will follow. Let's Imagine how his musical history continues.

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