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SIGNAL ONE delivers deep and driving sound art that takes you on an emotional journey through
space and time. Welcome to the musical parallel universe of SIGNAL ONE!

SO’s devotion to music dates back more than 12 years and has embraced DJing, music-production and
the organisation of regular club nights (‘Techno Kränzchen’) and small festivals (‘Psy at May’) in lower austria, Austria.
It’s members are Alex Fifield and the Iqus.

Starting in 2006 after listening to Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy, alex decided to start making electronic music on his computer. After some time learning how to use a DAW and how to arrange music, his devotion shifted more towards Drum and Bass when he started to go to parties.

2007 at the civilian service as a paramedic, Alex met Rainer and they became friends.

Soon they started to going out at parties, clubs, events and on one night a club owner of a local alternative club asked them if they want to dj.

After some dj nights performing on the old discplayer system of the club, they started to buy some old vinyl turntables.

Years go by and more turntables, mixers, pa systems were bought as the interest in djing growsand grows.
Together and single, they performend on several parties (from little cellar parties to festivals in lower austria), appeared on local radios and joined a music organisation which made parties at different locations in austria.

Most of the time alex was focused on djing all styles of drum and bass and rainer house and it’s subgenres.
Alex released in the year 2010 as Aytec 2 free neurofunk drum and bass ep’s on Fish Records and Sick Brain Records.
2011 he started a drum and bass duo with a former civilian service colleague under the name Zero.Gravity.
In 2012 they got 2 EP’s out on Liquid Drumz and Liquid Brilliants Records, 2013 on Soul Deep Recordings the track Above Me.

After some years alex musical interest shifted from drum and bass to house and techno and in 2014 he founded together with rainer Signal One.

Soon after the formation they started to play as a DJ duo with the focus on House (Rainer) and Techno (Alex), often both genres mixed together.

After some time learning how to produce house and techno music, rainer also started in 2016 producing music with the focus on house, deep house and nu disco.

2018 the first ep’s from signal one came out on the labels Lincor Apex, ANCL Lincor, Dog And Man, Lincor, SuiteBeats, Lamp, COOD and Lodjiya.

In 2019 they appeared on some compilations, founded Signal One Beats were they release hip hop and downtempo beats for studio use.

On July the 12, their newest ep called Tunnel Vision gets released on SoundOptix Records.

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Sound Optix is a German based and digital focused  music label for electronic music. It is based on the idea of ​​a creative collective, in which different DJs and music producers represent a relevant area of ​​the electronic music scene. In addition to known international artists we are working on supporting and promoting new artists and especially local artists. 
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